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Sumeru Saving & Credit Co-operative was established under the co-operative Act 2048 B.S. in Nepal. It was registered in Division Sahakari Karyalaya, Lalitpur in 2057/058 B.S. and its registration no. is 99/057/058. It had been performing its task from the head office Pulchwok, Lalitpur and branch office Dhapakhel, Lalitpur /Kalimati, Kathmandu for the welfare of public. Very reputed and well experienced people are operating this company. With due respect to the sprite of co-operative revolution of the government of Nepal, Sumeru Saving & Credit Co-operative has been operating with number of financial opportunities to its needy members & society as a whole ignoring cheap assurance of the market since 2055 B.S.

In the contest of competitive market due to government’s liberal and free economic policy along with pace of technological enhancement, our entrepreneurs are facing no. of threats development on the belief of “Today’s investment is tomorrow’s return”. Co-operative plays a vital role in the economic development of the country. It is the backbone of economic development of every country. So, Sumeru Saving & Credit Co-operative has been providing strong financial support to those remote people who are keeping interested to raise their life style with their creativity. Sumeru Saving & Credit Co-operative is always there to serve you people.